Jeanette’s Bio

Jeanette’s Bio ~ Jet Plasma

Hi! I’m Jeanette!

I am the very first trained and certified provider of ProPlasma Jet Plasma treatments in Port Orange, Florida located in the Volusia County, FL area and one of the few in the country! I gained my certification through the only U.S. distributor of the ProPlasma Jet Plasma pen so, my training is very hands on, thorough and individualized. This game changing, technological breakthrough in skin care is ground-breaking and so exciting. My Jet Plasma treatments have zero pain, zero downtime, zero trauma and are non-surgical. Years can be erased from your face in as little as one 20-minute session (best results do come with additional sessions). There are no limits! Jet Plasma has been referred to as a “magic wand” because of the multitude of skin ailments it can treat. The most impressive of these treatments are age reversing, collagen building treatments. Contact me today to discuss your skin care needs. Appointments are filling up fast! Let’s book your consultation!